Crónica Cantabria.

Crónica Cantabria.

Mariano Camacho triunfa una vez más: se lleva su sexta Alquitara de Oro al Mejor Orujo del Año.

Mariano Camacho triunfa una vez más: se lleva su sexta Alquitara de Oro al Mejor Orujo del Año.

POTES, 12 Nov.

Mariano Camacho has won the Golden Alembic 2023, an award given by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Sports of the Government of Cantabria to the best pomace brandy of the year.

With this new recognition, Camacho achieves his sixth Golden Alembic, following the ones obtained in 1999 - in the first contest organized by the regional government -, 2001, 2014, 2015, and 2019.

The Director General of Tourism, Gustavo Cubero, has been in charge of delivering the accreditation plaque for the 2023 edition to Camacho, owner of the winning distillery in the traditional competition that takes place during the Fiesta del Orujo de Potes, which celebrates its 31st edition in the capital of Liébana this weekend.

The award ceremony of the Golden Alembic took place in the La Serna tent and was also attended by the Mayor of Potes, Javier Gómez, and the Brotherhood of Pomace Brandy and Wine of Liébana.

Cubero highlighted the "excellent quality" of the presented pomace brandies and the "best" organization by the Potes City Council.

This celebration has been once again "impressive," declared the Cantabrian Director General of Tourism, achieving, he said, that everyone "feels at home."

In this regard, he valued the work of the distilleries in the region, which make it not only a tourist event but also a shared experience with the union of all regional gastronomy products.

Therefore, in his speech, he emphasized the commitment of the Cantabrian government to make this now National Tourist Interest festival internationally recognized. "We are all going to work" towards that goal, Cubero emphasized.

A jury composed of renowned oenologists, hospitality professionals, and specialists in viticulture and communication was responsible for choosing, through a commented tasting held publicly yesterday in the La Serna tent, the best pomace brandy of the year among the seven participating distilleries in the competition.

The tasters of this edition were José Marti Ayxela, President of the Spanish Confederation of Spirits and the IGP Ratafía Catalana; Elena Martín, Technical Director of Spirits in Spain; Fernando Gurucharri, President of the Spanish Tasters Union with experience in the industry as a trainer and organizer; Enrique Bellver, a journalist specializing in wines and spirits; sommelier Leticia Vila; Miguel Ángel Gómez, founder of the DO Rias Baixas Mar de Envero winery and the aguardiente tasting group 'Akelarre na Quiemada' from Galicia, and Elsa Gutiérrez, director of the dining room and sommeliers in Michelin-starred restaurants and current Operations Director of the Onírica Restaurant in Burgos.

In addition to them, a representative from each participating producer company also took part in the tasting.

The seven brands that competed for the award were Martínez de Cos, Marrubio, Picos de Cabariezo, Valle de Bedoya, Mariano Camacho, El Coterón, and Sierra del Oso.

The Golden Alembic award ceremony marked the end of the Fiesta del Orujo 2023, declared of National Tourist Interest.

The central event of the festival took place yesterday with the appointment of actress Carmen Machi as the Honorary Ambassador of the 31st edition, which has attracted thousands of visitors to Potes and the surrounding municipalities since last Friday.